Don’t Miss This: ‘Digital Heist’ – (Was $0.99, Now FREE!)

Don’t Miss This: ‘Digital Heist’ – (Was $0.99, Now FREE!)

If you’re looking for something to keep you entertained, this weekend, then we suggest you waste no time in heading over to the App Store and picking up your FREE copy of Triniti Interactive’s bank-job adventure, Digital Heist.

The game is quite simple: You must avoid the obstacles. Get the goods, and get yourself out of there before the time runs out.

Your programming skills have been turned against you…

A ring of hackers have exploited a weakness in your code, and have digitized your physical person. You have been forcefully uploaded into the mainframe of the United States Federal Reserve. Now it’s you against the reserve’s security program. Make off with the loot or remain trapped in the machine world… for all time.

Usually $0.99, if you’re super-quick, you can get your hands on this piece of loot – for FREE. But, you’ll want to hurry! – as this is a limited-time offer.

Get ‘Digital Heist’ for FREE.

Version: 1.4
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