Evomail 1.2.4: E-mail Aliases, Sort Contacts By Last Name, (More)

Evomail 1.2.4: E-mail Aliases, Sort Contacts By Last Name, (More)

Jonathan George’s Evomail – an alternative offering to the stock mail client which Apple bundles with its iOS software, is updating to version 1.2.4 this weekend.

In its latest version, the mail client now includes full support for creating “aliases” in relation to either your Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud or IMAP accounts. George notes that in order for the feature to work as intended, though, you must first ensure that the “aliases” you choose to use have already been validated through your email service.

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In addition to adding support for e-mail aliases, Evomail‘s ‘contact selector’ on iPhone now supports the sorting of contacts by last name. This small and functional change is joined by the introduction of a “unified inbox,” which George highlights will now “remember the last account you selected during compose.”


There are also a number of fixes included in this version:

- Crash fix for when applying a label on iPhone
- Adding new accounts and switching to unified inbox now loads properly
- General stability improvements.

Evomail is a FREE download on the App Store.

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