ARTPOP: Lady Gaga To Headline iTunes Festival 2013, On September 1.

ARTPOP: Lady Gaga To Headline iTunes Festival 2013, On September 1.

Those waiting on the release of Gaga’s third studio album, “ARTPOP,” will soon get their chance to listen to a selection of unreleased tracks from the upcoming recording, as Apple has now officially confirmed that Lady Gaga will be headlining iTunes Festival 2013.

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Rushed to worldwide release, (due to the rapid spread of high-quality leaks which threatened to dilute initial sales of the song), the lead single off the upcoming album – “Applause” – has (so far) managed to sell in the region of 225,000 copies, according to Billboard. This figure compares to the 450,000 copies of “ROAR” which NME says Katy Perry has managed to shift since the single’s digital release, on August 12.

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Tickets for Gaga’s set at this year’s iTunes Festival are being ‘reserved,’ for those people who are lucky enough to win the competition Apple is currently running in relation to the 30-night gig.

Gaga will perform on the first night of the music event (September 1), kicking-off the festival’s 30-nights of completely FREE music. Of course, Gaga won’t be alone in performing at the music festival hosted at London’s Roundhouse.

The “Born This Way” star will be joined by other artists, including; Jessie J, Justin Timberlake, Kings of Leon, Ellie Goulding, Kendrick Lamar, HAIM, AVICII, Lawson, Arctic Monkeys, (and more!).


Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the actual event, though, as Apple will no doubt be making each performance available for streaming via the official iTunes Festival app, (available for download now), and possibly even on your big-screen TV, with the ‘iTunes Festival’ application on Apple TV.

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