Nike Fuelband Advisor, Jay Blahnik, (Reportedly) Leaves Fitness Industry For Apple

Nike Fuelband Advisor, Jay Blahnik, (Reportedly) Leaves Fitness Industry For Apple

As speculation surrounding Apple’s reported working on “wearable technology” continues to swirl, reports are now surfacing that a key developer (and advisor) involved in the production of Nike‘s wrist-worn ‘Fuelband’ accessory, may have left the “fitness industry” to go and work for Apple.


Jay Blahnik (above) – a self-made health and fitness consultant to some of the world’s largest fitness companies, and a travelling public speaker, is said to be the latest hire of the Cupertino company — although the actual hire of Blahnik is yet to be officially confirmed by Apple itself.


According to his official wikipedia page, the fitness expert had worked for both MSNBC and the Los Angeles Times, before authoring the 2004 book: “Full-Body Flexibility” (available on iTunes).

“Blahnik has been a Nike contract athlete and Nike consultant for over 18 years. He worked closely with Nike on the launch of Nike+ Running, which has become the largest digital running community in the world, and was named one of the best tech gadgets and services in 2006 by Time Magazine.”

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“He was also the original creator and program developer of the Nike Training Club App, and the Nike Training Club in-gym program. He is also a key expert and consultant for many of Nike’s Digital Sport initiatives including the Nike+ FuelBand and Nike+ Kinect Training.”

If the reports of Blahnik’s hire at the Californian company turn out to be accurate, Blahnik’s sheer presence at the Cupertino firm could add further weight to the flying rumours that Apple may in fact be working on a wrist-based product, for possible introduction later this year(or next).

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