‘Find My iPhone’ Updates With New iOS 7-Style Homescreen Icon. More To Follow? – [UPDATED]

‘Find My iPhone’ Updates With New iOS 7-Style Homescreen Icon. More To Follow? – [UPDATED]

In a move that certainly marks the beginning of Apple updating the visual look of its other available App Store applications, to better fit in with the new “flat” aesthetic of its upcoming iOS 7 operating system, the company has this afternoon pushed an update out to its Find My iPhone application which includes a brand new, “flatter”-looking homescreen icon.


Previous to today’s update, the application featured a homescreen icon which conveyed a “convex” glass dome that appeared to protrude outwards over the radar systems shown below it. However, as iOS 7 is set to arrive with an overall more “flat” approach to its visual philosophy, there is simply no room for icons which in any way hint at “3D” elements.


Thus, it would appear Apple has begun the process of changing the icons relating to its other stock applications available on the iTunes App Store to reflect this upcoming change.

We’re now expecting to see other apps the company is responsible for designing — (such as: Garageband, iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers and Keynote) — change the appearance of their homescreen icons, in the coming hours (and days).

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UPDATE: Don’t Update

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From various comments we’re receiving from our readers (and from those who have already downloaded the update, and have shared their experience on Twitter), it’s probably best to hold-off on this update for the time being.

Apparently, there is a small bug which is causing the app to ask for an Apple Developer Membership, before you can continue using the app.

We expect Apple will fix this up, shortly.

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