Blackbar: The Text Game That’s All About The __________.

Blackbar: The Text Game That’s All About The __________.

Filling in the ‘blanks’ can be harder than we would probably like to admit, nowadays, especially when it comes down to finding out what the government is doing.

Blackbar is a new text game for iOS which plays on this all-but common notion of leaving people “in the dark,” and — taking the very basic idea of “censorship” — tells a story of a dystopian future, that will likely have you hooked from the get-go.

Minimalistic in its nature, Blackbar will see you first introduced to your friend at the Department of Communication, a position through which he (or she) will try to make contact with you on the outside.

Each piece of correspondence your insider sends to you, however, must first go through the Department — who tends to censor words and phrases based on their perceived intended nature, or “classified” status. Your job is to try and figure out which words have been censored by the Department, while uncovering the continually unravelling story of the Department’s real agenda.


I have to admit, I haven’t had a proper chance to sit down and play through Blackbar – just yet. But, there’s no doubt that it will be one of the next on my list.

From what I’ve heard so far, Blackbar would appear to be making serious waves due to its simplistic gameplay mechanic, and hints at being somewhat “addictive,” too, with other players reporting that they just can’t seem to put it down.

Blackbar will set you back $2.99.

Version: 1.0.1
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