Google Maps 2.2.0: Enhanced Sharing Options, (Bug Fixes)

Google Maps 2.2.0: Enhanced Sharing Options, (Bug Fixes)

Recently updated to version 2.2.0, the official iOS client of Google‘s highly-praised mapping service just added support for more sharing options.

Specifically new in this update is the ability to share your “favorite places” with both friends and family via the company’s Google+ network. Of course, Google being a company that always wants to improve its freely available online services, the latest update to the mobile mapping client also brings with it the obligatory set of “bug fixes.”

Google Maps first arrived on the App Store in December 2012, and was (at the time) largely perceived as the “savior” for mobile map lovers everywhere, in comparison with Apple’s (then) “half-baked,” internally-developed Maps service — that has since improved considerably.

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