Deals: Pivvot – (Was $2.99, Now FREE)

Deals: Pivvot – (Was $2.99, Now FREE)

In light of Apple’s announcements, earlier this week, it would appear App Store developers are now taking this opportunity to move even more copies of their iOS apps (and games) at sheer ridiculous prices.

One such app dropping from its regular price, this week, is Whitaker Trebella’s super-fast paced, strategic avoidance game, Pivvot. I have to say from the outset, this game is one of my personal favourites in terms of its actual “replayability.”

Pivvot is a thrilling game of strategic avoidance that will consistently test and challenge your ability to make quick, impulsive decisions.

As the game progresses, you will have to rely on your instincts and problem-solving skills to navigate down the winding path for survival. With its intensity, minimalistic design, and puzzling logic, Pivvot is sure to keep you guessing at every turn.”

The basic premise of Pivvot is to guide your pivoting self around an ever-changing virtual track full of obstacles and dips designed to trip you up. Using a simple ‘touch to pivot’ control system, you’ll aim to avoid crashing into each new type of obstacle, as the game gives you four ‘practice’ shots at each new obstacle it introduces, before throwing you in at the deep end to fend for yourself.

Pivvot includes five gameplay modes, including: “Voyage”travel through increasingly challenging levels of obstacles, “Endless”survive as long as possible while the game gets progressively faster, “Expert Voyage”uncover new, more challenging obstacles, “Expert Endless”avoid the expert obstacles as the increasing speed tests your limits, and “Berserk” (self explanatory).

Usually $2.99, Pivvot is FREE for a limited time.

Version: 1.42
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