The iPhone 5S Price Index

The iPhone 5S Price Index

Still looking to get your hands on Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone, with its built-in fingerprint reader, and powerful A7 processor?

In that case, you may want to head over to MobileUnlocked‘s iPhone 5S Price Index. Showing the relationship between the price of the iPhone 5S in relation to the national GDP (per capita) for all countries for which the smartphone is available for sale, it’s sure to be a tool you’ll want with you – if you’re on the hunt for the lowest prices.

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“Diving further into the detail, we also wanted to highlight the prices before and after sales tax in each country. Simply select through the tabs below to see this price in either US Dollars ($) or GB Pounds (£).

All the data we’ve collected is based on the most popular 16GB version of the 5S, with all prices coming directly from the local Apple stores for each country or a listed official supplier from the Apple site that were available on November 18th 2013.”

See how much the iPhone 5S costs in your region.

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