AppChase Instant: Real-Time Search For The Apps You Love. Now With UK Support.

AppChase Instant: Real-Time Search For The Apps You Love. Now With UK Support.

Just over two weeks ago, you may remember we introduced you to our brand-new app discovery engine – AppChase™.

The service was designed primarily to remedy the current issues with app discovery on iTunes, with the aim to give apps (and games) made by the little guys out there as much chance at being found by iTunes customers – as those titles pushed by the big studios.

We’re pleased to say that AppChase™ has gotten off to a flying start. As you know, we initially launched the service in the United States — and in just two weeks, we’ve seen considerable interest in the live app charts that AppChase™ is now serving up daily.

But, there was still something missing.

Sure, we gave you the ability to search for the apps that you love, but … it was just normal search. You typed in the name of the app you wanted, and we displayed a list of app results based on that search query. It was lineal, static, clunky, and worst of all, required you to refresh the page every time you wanted to search for another app.

It didn’t reflect the pulsating, always-changing nature of the iTunes App Store.

Quite frankly — It sucked.

Today, we’re announcing a major change to the AppChase™ search engine, taking the “discovery” part of the service to a whole other level.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 03.54.59

Introducing, AppChase™ Instant.

AppChase™ Instant can best be described as real-time, live-updating app search for both the iTunes App Store and Mac App Store.

Starting now, you can head over to from your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, (or other mobile device), and begin searching Apple’s entire collection of digital stores for the apps you wish to download.

Each item you search for is instantly returned right in front of you, along with 49 other apps we think best relate to your initial search query.

What’s really great about AppChase™ Instant, though, is that it lives up to its name. Searching is instant – and results are returned based on your absolute current search query.

Looking to search again? – Just hit backspace, and start typing. The results relating to your query will change on the fly, without you having to physically reload the page.

Each of the 50 most-relevant apps we dig up and return based on your original search query, will be shown with their official iTunes app icon, alongside a link to go straight to that app’s AppChase™ database page, and a direct link to go and download the app on iTunes.

As you would expect, to make the service run super-fast, we’re also caching results for popular search queries – and we’ll automatically refresh these every few hours. For example, the first time a person searches for an app using AppChase™ Instant, we’ll download the necessary data from Apple’s iTunes servers, and – (from then on) – server-side caching will kick-in for the next person who searches for the same (or similar) apps.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 03.27.53

Best of all, we’ve built AppChase™ Instant right into the AppChase homepage. Here, we’ll limit each search query you make to 15 results. If you need more, just head over to, where we’ll automatically return the 50 most relevant apps based on your search.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 04.12.47

We think AppChase™ Instant is awesome, and because of this we just couldn’t leave out our home country. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that AppChase™ Instant is available in both the United States and United Kingdom, starting today.

As part of today’s rollout of the service, we’ll also be sending live UK-targeted app detail pages for apps which are both; only available on iTunes UK (for example, BBC iPlayer and 4OD), alongside app detail pages for those apps which are cross-region available on both iTunes UK and iTunes U.S.

AppChase™ GB database pages will display all the relevant app information for that region store, including the use of correct currency denominations and symbols.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 04.13.45

Direct links to each app in the AppChase™ GB index are pragmatically programmed to open the iTunes UK App Store, and because we’re using geolocation redirect — (courtesy of the folks at GeoRiot) — any app we can’t find the details for we’ll automatically direct you to related or relevant content on iTunes – just as we do on RazorianFly, today.

While we’re still working on adding the final touches to AppChase™ GB, from today, we’re pleased to announce that you can now start creating app links for apps available on iTunes UK.

There are two methods to create a link to an app on AppChase™ GB:


Replacing “YOURAPPID” with the unique identifier for that app. For example, Facebook has a unique ID of “284882215.” So, to create a link to Facebook on AppChase™ the link would look like:

Providing this link to friends, family, (and if you happen to be a developer, your users), will show that app’s full iTunes description, latest change log (what’s new), with screenshots, pricing information and direct links to go and purchase or download that app.


The second type of link AppChase™ GB offers is pretty similar, but requires that you add /go/ in between /app/ and YOURAPPID. So, to create a download link to Facebook that tells AppChase to automatically redirect the user to that app’s page on the iTunes App Store, the link would look like:

For more information on finding your app ID, see this article.

Realistically speaking, we expect to offer AppChase™ Instant on an international basis, next year. As we continue to add even more regions to the AppChase™ service, we will, (of course), now be adding support for AppChase™ Instant alongside this – too.


So, that’s what we had to share with you all this morning. We really hope you find AppChase™ Instant as useful and exciting as we have. Did we mention it also works on iPhone and iPad?

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