iOS 7.1. Public Release, This March? – [RUMOR]

iOS 7.1. Public Release, This March? – [RUMOR]

BGR claims that Apple has now seeded a new beta version of iOS 7.1 to trusted testing partners.

While details as to what is included in the update are far and few between, the upcoming update to the mobile OS is expected to bring with it “several important bug fixes,” as well as some new end-user features. The publication notes, however, that their source “was uncomfortable detailing these for [them] at this time.”

The site currently claims the software will be made available publicly, this March.

we are told that iOS 7.1 will probably not be released to the public until sometime in March.


The report arrives just days after the company was found to have seeded iOS 7.1 (Beta 2) to members of the Apple Developer Connection. The update was thought to include most of the necessary support for Apple’s upcoming ‘iOS in the Car’ feature – which is set to give further control to drivers over the functions of their iOS devices directly from their automotive’s dashboard – and is expected to launch large-scale, beginning next year.