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Flappy Golf – by developer NoodleCake Studios – might simply be brushed-off by some out there as yet another Flappy Bird clone … that is, if it wasn’t for its very apparent and original twist.

Camouflaj just sent us a note to highlight that – today – is the last day iOS gamers can get their hands on the studio’s console-quality dystopian surveillance RPG, République, while it’s at the limited-time sale price of $2.99.

Hitting the App Store this week, the following selection of apps are quite literally hot-off-the-press. From mastering audio with Final Touch … to embarking on a quest of “epic” proportions … and investigating into the missing Gods of Mount Olympus itself. There’s all that (and more) … in this week’s …

Apple has tonight updated its iTunes Movie Trailers app to version 1.4, adding support for users to be notified when a movie actually becomes available to buy (or rent) on iTunes.

Flexibits – the studio behind beautiful calendar app Fantastical for iPhone – has announced today that it will soon be launching a separate version of the app, designed specifically for Apple’s iPad.

Everyone loves free stuff, right? The following five iOS apps are now available for FREE. You’ll want to hurry, though, as there’s no saying exactly when they might return to their regular prices.

Fans of micro-blogging service Twitter, who are looking for a suitable and reliable mobile client to manage their timeline, might be pleased to learn that The Iconfactory’s universally-supported Twitter client, Twitterrific 5, just took a dive from its regular price of $2.99 – to become FREE.

Once described as “the GarageBand of coding” by Wired Magazine, Two Lives Left‘s on-the-go code editor – Codea – that lets you create both games and simulations for development purposes, has received a major update to version 2.0 in the last several hours.

We don’t really mention Apple’s iBookstore a whole lot here at RazorianFly, and we probably should. For example, this week, the company is offering readers an exclusive “sneak peek” at what’s to come in a wide variety of the store’s most-anticipated, top pre-ordered book titles – for FREE. We’ve selected …