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As a registered and loyal member of OATS (The Organization for App Testing Standards), RazorianFly pledges to provide you, our readers, with the honesty and integrity you have come to expect from App Store application reviews. We love receiving both previews of applications which are yet to hit the App Store and review requests for applications which are already on the App Store. In each case, though, we do not and will not (at any time) accept payment for these application previews or reviews.

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We have one simple rule when it comes to considering an app for review: RazorianFly will not accept compensation, both monetary or otherwise, as payment for the purpose of inflated review outcome(s) or slanted news coverage.

All content published to the site is the sole personal opinion of the author(s) who wrote it. All content published to the site is owned by RazorianFly unless otherwise indicated by the use of quotation layouts. Any attempt to steal, re-upload, modify, re-syndicate, or sub-license this content is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise authorized by an official RazorianFly representative. Syndicating content from the site with the intention of making a profit, without first seeking written permission, may result in legal action being taken against you.

Syndication requests should be directed to arron[at] with the subject line “Syndication.” RazorianFly reserves the right to reject syndication requests at its sole discretion, based upon an independent review of the candidate site or service and the intention of the person(s) who originally submitted the request.

We pledge that contests and competitions which are ran on the site from time to time, and the prizes donated for these contests and competitions – (value irrelevant) – will not in any way impede or change the outcome of reviews or news articles we choose to publish.

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